31 December

Added Tony Bennet 90 Tribute session.
A few corrections, details here.

24 November

Added session pages for 2016 US Fall Tour and alternative lyrics to Simple Twist of Fate from Houston, Texas, 12 November 1981.

Also a lot of corrections and updates, details here and here.

7 September

Added tour dates for the 2016 US Fall Tour.
A few corrections, details here and here.

9 August

Added session pages for 2016 US Summer Tour.

Also a number of updates. Details here.

5 July

Updated the 1965 session pages with the Don’t Look Back Criterion release and the 1985 session pages with the latest Rattlesnake “releases”. Details here.

5 June

Added the 2015 Chronicle Why Try To Change Me Now?

20 May

Added session pages for 2016 Tour of Japan.

Also a number of corrections and updates. Details here and here.


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