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6       NEW BOOKS

Selections from the never-ever-ending flood of new Dylan books:


Clinton Heylin: Behind The Shades – Take Two
Viking 2000. Hardback 780 pages.
The biography from 1990 rewritten and expanded. Lots of new information. Simply the best biography available. A must for every serious Dylan collector.

Elliot Landy: Dylan In Woodstock
Genesis Publishing Limited, 2000.  Hardback, 144 pages.
Extremely pricey book with photographs of Dylan and The Band in Woodstock.

C.P. Lee: Like A Bullet Of Light. The Films of Bob Dylan
Helter Skelter 2000. Softcover 219 pages.
This book treats Bob Dylan’s appearances in films, TV, and promotional videos from Madhouse On Castle Street 1963 to Things Have Changed video 2000.

Håvard Rem: Bob Dylan
Gyldendal, Norway, 1999.
First proper Norwegian Dylan biography.

Dario Vico: Bob Dylan – Una Introducción
Coleccion ”Imagenes de Rock No 108. Editoral La Máscara, Valencia, Spain, 2000.
Glossy paperback with lots of photos aimed at the young reader.

Mike Wyvill and John Wraith: Goin’ Around. Bob Dylan's 1989 Concerts.
Two Riders, 2000. 62 pages.
Concert listings and comments plus a lot of pictures.

Mike Wyvill and John Wraith: Down The Road. Bob Dylan's 1999 Concerts.
Two Riders, 2000. 62 pages.
Concert listings and comments plus a lot of pictures.




[1]    The Wicked Messenger column in Isis 2000.

[2]    Karl Erik Andersen's fabulous Expecting Rain page:

[3]    Bill Pagel's excellent tour reports on his Bob Links page:

[4]    Alan Fraser’s stunning page Searching For A Gem.
Bob Dylan's Officially Released Rarities and Obscurities.

[5]    Articles and columns in The Bridge 2000.

[6]    The tape/CD-R collection of The Dylan Stockholm Society.



I would like very much to thank Jörgen Lindström for the BobTalk transcriptions and all the hours of discussions of concert tapes and other Bob stuff.