My Heart Is Not Weary – Bob Dylan 2001






4.1       Live 1961-2000

4.2       Love And Theft

4.3       Web Bob

4.4       New tapes & bootlegs

4.4.1    Folk Songs and More Folk Songs

4.4.2    Jonathan Cott interviews

4.4.3    Brisbane 1 Mach 1986

4.4.4    Dylan-Dead rehearsals

4.4.5    1987 Ringo Starr Session

4.4.6    Traveling Wilburys outtakes


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1           INTRODUCTION

At last a new Bob Dylan album! And what an album it is! 12 masterful new songs in the great American tradition of blues, crooning and rock-a-billy. "A greatest hits package without the hits" as Dylan described it. And the Never Ending Awards keep coming. This year they are a Golden Globe Award and an Oscar, both for Things Have Changed from the Wonder Boys film.

And of course The Never-Ending Tour rolls on. 2001 yielded 105 concerts in 13 countries in 4 continents: Japan, Australia, Northern America and Europe.   



2           THE YEAR AT A GLANCE






3           CALENDAR

21 January

In a ceremony in the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, Dylan gets a Golden Globe Award in the category "Best Original Song" for Things Have Changed from the film Wonderboys. Monica Belluci and Phil Collins present the award.

26 January

Victor Maymudes dies in Santa Monica, California. Victor Maymudes was Dylan's bodyguard in the 60s. 1986 until 1996 he returned to Dylan's side as a personal manager.

11 February

Bob and Jakob Dylan attend an Elton John and Billy Joel concert at the LA Forum.

25 February

This year's touring starts in Japan with a show in Omiya. Same band and same show as in late 2000.

28 February

To coincide with the Tour of Japan Sony Music releases Live 1961-2000 - Thirty-nine years of great concert performances.

2 March

The show in Yokohama introduces a new mix of acoustic and electric performances. First set now alternates between these modes, starting with three acoustic songs, continuing with three electric, then three acoustic and ending with three electric songs. The number of songs within each section varies during the coming concerts.

14 March

The tour of Japan ends with a show in Tokyo.

18 March

After just four days, The Never Ending Tour continues in Perth, West Australia.

25 March

Dylan wins an Oscar for Things Have Changed and participates in the ceremonies via satellite from the TCN-9 Studios in Sydney. He performs the song backed by the touring band.

18 April

The Spring tour in US starts with a show in Boulder, Colorado.

25 April

The show in Cape Girardeau, Missouri features a rare version of In The Garden, actually the first performance of this song since Tambach, Germany, 10 July 1996.

1 May

The show in Asheville, North Carolina features a rare version of Where Teardrops Fall, actually the first performance of this song since Austin, Texas, 26 October 1996.

6 May

Last show of the US Spring tour in Memphis, Tennessee.

8 May

The reissue of The Band's Rock Of Ages, recorded New Year's Eve 1971, includes the previously unreleased tracks with Bob Dylan: Crash On The Levee (Down In The Flood), When I Paint My Masterpiece, Don't Ya Tell Henry, and Like A Rolling Stone. Only the first of these have previously circulated amongst collectors.

The song Return To Me, recorded in December last year, is released on the soundtrack album Sopranos. Peppers & Eggs.

9 – 26 May

Love And Theft recording sessions in Sony Music Studios, New York City, New York.

24 May

Dylan's 60th birthday!

24 June

This year's Summer tour in Europe starts in Trondheim, Norway.

28 June

The show in Langesund, Norway sees the debut of Humming Bird a song by Johnnie Wright, Jim Anglin & Jack Anglin.

15 July

Ron Wood joins Dylan and plays electric guitar at the show in Smithwicks Source Festival, Nowlan Park, Kilkenny, Ireland.

19 July

The show in Udine, Italy was cancelled due to a heavy rainstorm.

23 July

Dylan gives a press conference in the Hotel de la Ville in Rome. Reporters from Austria, Britain, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Holland, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland are invited. Dylan reveals that he is going to publish memoirs of sorts in several volumes starting next year. Working title is Chronicles. Interviews are later published in the corresponding papers around Europe. A tape from this press conference circulates.

28 July

Summer tour in Europe ends in Taormina, Italy.

10 August

Touring is resumed in the US with a show in Des Moines, Iowa.

25 August

Last show of the US Summer tour in Lancaster, California.

10 September

USA Today publishes yet another Edna Gundersen interview, made in late August.

11 September

Terrorist attack on World Trade Center twin towers in New York City and Pentagon military complex I Washington, DC.

Larry Kegan, boyhood friend of Dylan dies of cardiac arrest.

Release of Love And Theft.

25 September

Mikal Gilmore from Rolling Stone magazine interviews Dylan on a Santa Monica hotel. The interview is published in #882, 22 November.

The song I Can't Get You Off Of My Mind, recorded in December last year is released on the Hank Williams tribute album Timeless.

5 October

Dylan embarks on a long 35 date US tour that could have been billed "The Love And Theft Tour". The first show in Spokane, Washington contains the debut of Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum, Summer Days, Sugar Baby, and Honest With Me, as well as a new cover, Wait For The Light To Shine by Fred Rose.


Roll On, John from the Cynthia Gooding WBAI radio show, 13 January 1962 is released on the Smithsonian Folkways Recordings There Is No Eye: Music For Photographs, recordings of musicians photographed by John Cohen.

6 October

Live debut of Moonlight at the show in Seattle, Washington.

7 October

Po' Boy is tried during the soundcheck in Corvallis, Oregon.

9 October

Live debut of Mississippi at the show in Central Point, Oregon.

10 October

Live debut of Cry A While Sacramento, California.

16 October

Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache, recorded in New York City in May last year is released on the album Good Rockin' Tonight – The Legacy Of Sun Records,

19 October

Live debut of High Water (For Charley Patton)  at the show in Los Angeles, California.

23 October

Live debut of Floater (Too Much To Ask) at the show in Sioux City, Iowa.

24 October

Live debut of Lonesome Day Blues La Crosse, Wisconsin.

6 November

Live debut of Po' Boy at the show in Grand Rapids, Michigan. All songs from Love And theft have now been played in concert, except Bye And Bye.

8 November

At the show in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Paul James plays electric guitar on Like A Rolling Stone and Highway 61 Revisited.

29 November

George Harrison dies in Los Angeles after a long battle with cancer. Dylan statement on his death: "He was a giant, a great, great soul, with all of the humanity, all of the wit and humor, all the wisdom, the spirituality, the common sense of a man and compassion for people. He inspired love and had the strength of a hundred men. He was like the sun, the flowers and the moon and we will miss him enormously. The world is a profoundly emptier place without him."





4.1       Live 1961-2000

SME Records SRCS 2438, released 28 February 2001.

Track list:

1. Somebody Touched Me Guildhall, Portsmouth, England, 24 September 2000

2. Wade In The Water Minnesota Hotel Tape, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 22 December 1961

3. Handsome Molly Gaslight Café, New York City, New York, October 1962

4. To Ramona The Oval, City Hall, Sheffield, England, 30 April 1965 Don't Look Back outtake

5. I Don't Believe You Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England, 17 May 1966

6. The Grand Coulee Dam Carnegie Hall, New York City, New York, 20 January 1968 Woody Guthrie Memorial

7. Knockin' On Heaven's Door Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, 30 January 1974 From Before The Flood

8. It Ain't Me, Babe Harvard Square Theater, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 20 November 1975 – From Renaldo & Clara

9. Shelter From The Storm Hughes Stadium, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, 23 May 1976 – From Hard Rain

10. Dead Man, Dead Man Saenger Performing Arts Center, New Orleans, Louisiana, 10 November 1981 – Single B-side

11. Slow Train Sullivan Stadium, Foxboro, Massachusetts, 4 July 1987 – From Dylan & The Dead

12. Dignity Sony Music Studios, New York City, New York, 18 November 1994 From MTV Unplugged

13. Cold Irons Bound El Rey Theater, Los Angeles, California, 16 December 1997

14. Born In Time Prudential Hall, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, New Jersey, 1 February 1998

15. Country Pie Guildhall, Portsmouth, England, 24 September 2000

16. Things Have Changed Guildhall, Portsmouth, England, 24 September 2000


4.2       Love And Theft

Columbia CK 86076, released 11 September 2001. Recorded in Sony Music Studios, New York City, New York, 9 – 26 May 2001.



Live Debut


Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum

5 October 2001, Spokane Arena, Spokane, Washington



9 October 2001, Jackson County Fairgrounds, Central Point, Oregon.


Summer Days

5 October 2001, Spokane Arena, Spokane, Washington


Bye And Bye



Lonesome Day Blues

24 October 2001, La Crosse Center Arena, La Crosse, Wisconsin.


Floater (Too Much To Ask)

23 October 2001, Orpheum Theatre, Sioux City, Iowa


High Water (For Charley Patton)

19 October 2001, Staples Center, Los Angeles, California



6 October 2001, Key Arena, Seattle Center, Seattle, Washington


Honest With Me

5 October 2001, Spokane Arena, Spokane, Washington


Po' Boy

6 November 2001, Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, Michigan


Cry A While

10 October 2001, Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, California


Sugar Baby

5 October 2001, Spokane Arena, Spokane, Washington


For more details about the recording sessions please consult the corresponding session page in Still On The Road. 




4.3       Web Bob

The official Bob Dylan homepage on the Internet,, started August 1997 and has developed into one of the best of all official artist pages. A special treat is the inclusion of complete and mostly unreleased tracks, made available in the so-called "real-audio" format. Tracks uploaded in 2001 in order of appearance:


Dink's song

22 December 1961

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Poor Lazaus

22 December 1961

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ring Them Bells

16 November 1993

The Supper Club, early show

Dusty Old Fairgrounds

12 April 1963

Town Hall, New York City, New York

Standing In The Doorway

6 March 2001

Kosei Nenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan

Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum

14 October 2001

Events Center, University Of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California

I Can't Get You Off Of My Mind

December 2000

From the Hank Williams tribute album Timeless.


4.4       New tapes & bootlegs

4.4.1   Folk Songs and More Folk Songs

A TV-show from Westinghouse Broadcasting Company mid-March 1963. This new audio tape contains Man of Constant Sorrow and Ballad Of Hollis Brown as well as a number of songs by other artists, among them Brothers Four and Staple Singers.

4.4.2   Jonathan Cott interviews

Two audio tapes from Rolling Stone interviews conducted by Jonathan Cott now circulate.

a)     Conducted just before Christmas 1977 and published in Rolling Stone 26 January 1978

b)    Conducted after the concert in Portland, Maine, 16 September 1978 and published in Rolling Stone 16 November 1978.

The latter tape ends with a somewhat longer and improved version of the New Haven soundcheck from 17 September 1978.

4.4.3   Brisbane 1 Mach 1986

No recording from this show has been available until now. Here's the set list:

1.     Justine (incomplete)

2.     Positively 4th Street

3.     Clean-Cut Kid

4.     I'll Remember You

5.     Trust Yourself

6.     That Lucky Old Sun

7.     Masters Of War

8.     Tom Petty: Breakdown

9.     It Ain't Me, Babe

10.  To Ramona

11.  I'ts Alright, Ma

12.  I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know

13.  Just Like A Woman

14.  I'm Movin' On

15.  Lenny Bruce

16.  When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky

17.  Lonesome Town

18.  Ballad Of A Thin Man

19.  Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

20.  Seeing The Real You At Last

21.  Across The Borderline

22.  All Along The Watchtower

23.  I And I

24.  Like A Rolling Stone

25.  In The Garden

26.  Blowin' In The Wind

4.4.4   Dylan-Dead rehearsals

a)     A new 27 minute tape from Club Front in San Rafael, California, March 1987 is now in circulation. It contains the songs The French Girl, Blues Stay Away From Me, John Hardy, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry.

b)    Another new 42 minute tape also from Club Front in San Rafael, California, March 1987 is now in circulation. It contains the songs Under Your Spell, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, Blues Stay Away From Me, If Not For You, Frankie Lee And Judas Priest, Señor (Tales Of Yankee Power), I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, I'm Free, They Killed Him, Pledging My Time, Oh Boy.

4.4.5   1987 Ringo Starr Session

The song Wish I Knew Now (What I Knew Then) from a Ringo Starr recording session in Memphis is released on the bootleg CD "The Memphis Unreleased 1987 Album". Dylan plays harmonica and sings one verse.

4.4.6   Traveling Wilburys outtakes

A new bootleg CD "Buried Treasure" contains the following new material:

Wilbury Commercial/Seven Deadly Sins, Stormy Weather, Like A Ship and Fish And Chips. These are all studio playbacks recorded with a microphone.