My Heart Is Not Weary – Bob Dylan 2001


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6      NEW BOOKS

Selections from the never-ever-ending flood of new Dylan books:


Derek Barker (ed.): Isis – A Bob Dylan Anthology
Helter Skelter. Hardback 256 pages.
Summing up sixteen years of Dylan writing in the Isis magazine. Chronologically arranged articles, some new for this book. Highly enjoyable!

John Gibbens: The Nightingale's Code. A Poetic Study of Bob Dylan.
Touched Press. Softcover 368 pages.
This book investigates the things that have influenced Dylan in writing his songs and tries to establish links between his songs.

David Hajdu: Positively 4th Street – The Lives and Times of Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Mimi Baez Fariña and Richard Fariña.
Farrar, Strauss & Giroux. Hardback 328 pages.
A fascinating tale about two sisters and their lovers. 

Les Kokay: Bob Dylan / The Band. A collector's guide to the 74 tour.
Self published 2000. 70 pages.
Set lists for all the 1974 tour concerts with The Band. Lots of details and an index to performed songs and bootlegs.

Les Kokay: Songs Of The Underground. Rolling Thunder Revue
A collector's guide to the Rolling Thunder Revue 1975-1976.
Self published 2000. 160 pages.
Set lists for all the Rolling Thunder Revue concerts with lots of details and index to performed songs, videos and bootlegs.

Andrew Muir: Razor's Edge: Bob Dylan & the Never Ending Tour
With an appendix with statistics from the Never Ending tour by Olöf (sic) Björner.
Helter Skelter. Hardback 224 pages.
A personal account of the Never Ending Tour, including the hilarious tale of the author's meeting with His Bobness in Camden, London, a classic piece of Dylan writing.

Paul Murphy: Bob Dylan The Concerts The 60s
Lazarus Products.
Notes on Bob Dylan's concerts in the 60s with index, statistical analysis and composer credits.

Paul Murphy: Bob Dylan The Concerts The 70s
Lazarus Products.
Notes on Bob Dylan's concerts in the 70s with index, statistical analysis and composer credits.

Howard Sounes: Down The Highway. The Life Of Bob Dylan
Grove Press 2001. Hardback 527 pages.
A new biography by the English journalist Howard Sounes who manage to uncover the details about Dylan's marriage to Carolyn Dennis.

Ray Stavrou: A Vinyl Headstone Almost In Place
Self published 2001. Double-sided, loose-leafed, A4-format, 530 pages.
The author sets out to document every, and I mean every, vinyl Bob Dylan bootleg ever made!

Elizabeth Thompson & David Gutman (ed): The Bob Dylan Companion – Updated and Expanded Edition.
An unabridged reprint of the 1990 edition with five new selections, and an updated bibliography.

Mike Wyvill and John Wraith: Passing Through. Bob Dylan's 2000 Concerts.
Two Riders, 2001. 62 pages.
Concert listings and comments plus a lot of pictures.



[1]   The Wicked Messenger column in Isis 2001.

[2]   Karl Erik Andersen's fabulous Expecting Rain page:

[3]   Bill Pagel's excellent tour reports on his Bob Links page:

[4]   Articles and columns in The Bridge 2001.

[5]   The tape/CD-R collection of The Dylan Stockholm Society.

[6]   Love, Death and the Tolling: The Hemingway Influence in Bon Dylan’s “Love and Theft” by D. A.Carpenter, Isis #140, page 26.

[7]   “Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum” – “All that and more and the some” by Christopher Rollason, The Bridge #16, page 18.

[8]   “Po” Boy, dressed in black – Bob Dylan’s “Love and Theft” and the art of Blackface Minstrelsy by Richard Jobes, Judas #3, page 29.

[9]   Things Come Alive by Nigel Hinton, Judas #1, page 44.



I would like very much to thank Sven Erick Alm for proofreading and valuable suggestions.