HIGHWAY 61 – Bob Dylan 2002


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7        NEW BOOKS

Selections from the never-ever-ending flood of new Dylan books:

Neil Corcoran (ed): Do you, Mr. Jones? Bob Dylan with the Poets and Professors.
Chatto & Windus 2002. Hardback 378 pages.
A number of critical essays of a more academic nature.

Todd Harvey: The Formative Dylan. Transmission and Stylistic Influences, 1961-1963.
Scarecrow Press 2002. Hardback 210 pages.
This books investigates the influences of 70 Dylan compositions in alphabetical order.

John Hinchey: Like A Complete Umknown. The poetry of Bob Dylan’s songs 1961-1969.
Stealing Home Press 2002. Softback 277 pages.
Interpreting almost 100 songs Dylan wrote in the 1960s, Hinchey makes a strong case that Dylan deserves a place amongst the very best American poets.

Göran Holmquist: Visa oss vinden! Bob Dylan i Sverige (Bob Dylan in Sweden)

Premium Publishing 2002. Hardback 442 pages.

Scott Marshall: Restless Pilgrim. The Spiritual Journey Of Bob Dylan.
Relevant Books 2002. Softback 188 pages.

Davis Larry Smith: Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and American Song.
Praeger 2002. Hardback 263  pages.

Anthony Varesi: The Bob Dylan Albums. A Critical Study.
Guernica 2002. Softback 264 pages.

Paolo Vites: Bob Dylan: 1962-2002: 40 anni di Canzoni.

Editori Riuniti 2002, 382 pages with a foreword by Elliott Murphy.

Robin Witting: Desire. Songs Of Redemption.
Exploding Rooster Books 2002. Hardback 321 pages.

Mike Wyvill and John Wraith: Go An Extra Mile. Bob Dylan's 2001 Concerts.
Two Riders, 2002. 60 pages.
Concert listings and comments plus a lot of pictures.




[1]   Meeting Dylan by Tony Demaur. Isis #106 page 20.

[2]   Witnesses and Mutineers. Bob Dylan and Warren Zevon in October 2002 by Stephen Scobie. Judas #4, page 91.

[3]   The Wicked Messenger column in Isis 2002.

[4]   Karl Erik Andersen's fabulous Expecting Rain page:

[5]   Bill Pagel's excellent tour reports on his Bob Links page:

[6]   Articles and columns in The Bridge 2002.

[7]   The tape/CD-R collection of The Dylan Stockholm Society.



As always I thank Jörgen Lindström for proofreading and for valuable suggestions.