WHY AM I DOING THIS? – Bob Dylan 2003


6      NEW BOOKS. 1







6                                      NEW BOOKS

Selections from the never-ever-ending flood of new Dylan books:

John Cohen: Young Bob - John Cohen's Early Photographs of Bob Dylan.

PowerHouse Books 2002. Hardcover 72 pages.

31 b&w photographs and 19 b&w filmstrips from 1962 + 12 colour photographs from 1970.

Mike Marquesee: Chimes Of Freedom - The Politics of Bob Dylan's Art

The New Press 2003. Hardcover, 327 pages.

Andy Muir: Troubadour- Early & late songs of Bob Dylan.

Virgin Books 2003. 331 pages. Essays

Christopher Ricks: Dylan's Visions of Sin

Viking 2003. Hardcover: 517 pages.

Explores how the seven deadly sins, the four cardinal virtues and the three heavenly graces are embodied in Dylan’s work.

Mike Wyvill and John Wraith: Watchin’ The Roads. Bob Dylan's 2002 Concerts.
Two Riders, 2003. 64 pages.
Concert listings and comments plus a lot of pictures.



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