Nothing Was Delivered

Bob Dylan 1968




Olof Björner


A summary of recording & concert activities,

releases, tapes & books.





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2      CALENDAR.. 2

3      RECORDINGS. 2

4      SONGS 1968. 2

5      SOURCES. 3


6.1       General background.. 3

6.2       Article compilations. 3

6.3       Selected articles. 3




1               INTRODUCTION

A very quiet year indeed. Apart from the appearance at The Woody Guthrie Memorial Concert there are no official events. At the end of the year George Harrison visits the Dylans at their home in Woodstock and they record a couple of songs together.


2               CALENDAR

20 January

Woody Guthrie Memorial Concert in Carnegie Hall, New York City, New York.

26 February

Interview in Newsweek by Hubert Saal.

5 June

Bob Dylan's father Abraham Zimmerman dies.

22 June

First major review of the Basement Tapes entitled "The missing Bob Dylan Album" published in Rolling Stone.


Dylan starts to write music for the film Midnight Cowboy. When he finally delivers Lay Lady Lay, it's too late for inclusion.

30 July

Birth of Samuel Abram Dylan, Sara and Bob's third child.


Release of Broadside Ballads Vol. 1 featuring takes of Let Me Die In My Footsteps, John Brown, Only A Hobo and Talkin' Devil by "Blind Boy Grunt", all recorded at the Broadside Office in New York, January 1963.


Sing Out publishes an interview by John Cohen and Happy Traum.


George Harrison visits Woodstock, records a few demos with Dylan.


The magazine Other Scenes publishes the two interviews by Izzy Young from October 1961.


3               RECORDINGS

20 January

The Woody Guthrie Memorial Concert. Afternoon show.

20 January

The Woody Guthrie Memorial Concert. Evening show.

Late November

The Home Of Bob Dylan with George Harrison



4               SONGS 1968


Lay Lady Lay

Late November

I'd Have You Anytime  


Nowhere To Go (Everybody Somebody Comes To Town)


5               SOURCES

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Annotated Guide to the Writings of Bob Dylan

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Michael Krogsgaard

Positively Bob Dylan
A Thirty-Year Discography, Concert & Record Session Guide 1960-1991.
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6               SUGGESTED READINGS

6.1         General background

Michael Gray

Song & Dance Man III. The Art Of Bob Dylan

Cassell 1999. Hardback 918 pages (!!)

Clinton Heylin

Behind The Shades. A Biography.

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Daniel Kramer

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Citadel Press (hardback) or Pocket Books. Great photo book from 1964-1965.

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6.2         Article compilations

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6.3         Selected articles

Rick Danko Interview – by Marjorie Kaufman, On The Tracks #10 (Spring 1997)

Rick Danko Interview – by Tony Norman, On The Tracks #16 (Spring 1999)