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2      The Year At a glance.. 3

3      CALENDAR.. 3

4      RECORDINGS. 3

5      SONGS 1972. 4

6      SOURCES. 4


7.1       General background.. 4

7.2       Article compilations. 4



1           INTRODUCTION

This was another year without Dylan recording sessions and Dylan concerts. Instead he helps out a number of friends as sideman on their recording efforts. At the end of the year Dylan starts filming Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid in Durango, Mexico.


2           The Year At a glance




3           CALENDAR

1 January

Dylan appears as surprise guest at The Band's New Year's Eve show 'ock of Ages at the New York Academy of Music. He performs Down In The Flood, When I Paint My Masterpiece, Like A Rolling Stone and Don't Ya Tell Henry, none of which were included on the official release by The Band on their Rock Of Ages album. These recordings were finally released 2001 as bonus tracks on the remastered version of this album.

12 January

Release of A Tribute to Woody Guthrie, Part One.

23 March

Release of the movie The Concert For Bangla Desh.


Release of A Tribute to Woody Guthrie, Part Two.

15 July

Dylan attends the Mariposa Folk Festival in Toronto, Ontario together with wife Sara. Photos can be seen at NSF Music Station.

9 September

Dylan joins John Prine at The Bitter End in New York City for three songs, playing harmonica and singing some backup.


Dylan plays on a Steve Goodman session in New York City. Dylan appears as "Robert Milkwood Thomas" and plays piano and sings background vocal on Election Year Rag and 'Somebody Elses Troubles'. The first song is released on the album The Essential Steve Goodman, 1974 and the second on Somebody Else's Troubles, 1973.

9-12 October

Dylan plays on Dough Sahm session in New York. Wallflower is among the songs recorded, released on Doug Sahm And Band, December 1972 and on Doug Sahm: Texas Tornado, October 1973. These tracks and three more outtakes with Dylan participation is later released on Doug Sahm: The Genuine Texas Groover, January 2004.

October – November

Dylan plays on Roger McGuinn session in New York City. Dylan plays harmonica on the song I'm so Restless, released on Roger McGuinn, 1972.

23 November

Dylan arrives with Sara in Durango, Mexico to start work on Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid.


Beskrivning: Bob Dylan an Sara

Dylan at Mariposa Folk Festival with Sara.




4           RECORDINGS


1 January

New York City

Rock Of Ages concert with the Band

9 September

New York City

John Prine gig at The Bitter End

mid September

New York City

Steve Goodman recording session

9-12 October

New York City

Doug  Sahm recording session

October – November

New York City

Roger McGuinn recording session


For details please refer to the corresponding Still On The Road session pages.


5           SONGS 1972

The songs Billy and Goodbye Holly originate from this year but are covered in the context of the rest of the songs from that film.


6           SOURCES

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7.1       General background

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