Repossession Blues

Bob Dylan 1977


Olof Björner


A summary of recording & concert activities,

releases, tapes & books.



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1             Introduction

1977 was a very private year. Bob Dylan spent it getting divorced, editing Renaldo & Clara together with Howard Alk, writing many of the songs on Street Legal and preparing for the 1978 World tour.


2             The 1977 Calendar

1 March

Sara Dylan files for divorce.


Dylan provides back-up vocal together with, among others, Allen Ginsberg at a Leonard Cohen recording session in Los Angeles.

16 August

Elvis Presley dies.


Dylan takes a five year lease on the Rundown Studios in Santa Monica, California

Late October

Allen Ginsberg visits Dylan in Malibu, California and tapes several interviews.

Early December

Jonathan Cott interviews Dylan for Rolling Stone.


Rehearsals for the 1978 world tour start.


3             Songs 1977

The songs What Will You Do When Jesus Comes and Patty's Gone To Laredo are copyrighted 14 October and 19 December respectively. These songs were performed during the Rolling Thunder rehearsals and are included in Renaldo & Clara.