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1             Introduction

After four years of extensive touring and recording Dylan takes a sabbatical year, performing only once with Joan Baez at the Peace Sunday Rally.


2             1982 At A Glance



3             The 1982 Calendar


Dylan joins Allen Ginsberg in the recording studio. One of the tracks, Airplane Blues, is eventually released in 1994 on the box Allen Ginsberg: Holy Soul Jelly Roll — Poems And Songs (1949-1993).

15 March

Dylan is inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame and is interviewed by Jane Hansen. A short snippet is broadcast by NBC-TV, 15 March and by ABC-TV’s “Good Morning America" on 16 March.


Dylan is alleged to have recorded with Al Kooper, Mick Taylor and Jack Bruce.

5 June

Recording session with Clydie King at Rundown Studios. Four different songs are recorded, but they remain unreleased. A couple of years later Dylan tells Mikal Gilmore in an interview that "I've also got a record with just me and Clydie King singing together and it's great, but it doesn't fall into any category that the record company knows how to deal with".

6 June

Dylan and Joan Baez perform at the anti-nuclear movement event Peace Sunday Rally.

8, 11, 14, 23 June

Working and rehearsal sessions at Rundown Studios.

22 December

Dylan visits Frank Zappa at his house and after playing about a dozen songs for him, asks him to produce his next album.



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