2          The Year at a glance

3          CALENDAR

4          RECORDINGS

5          NEW RELEASES

5.1         Dylan & The Dead

5.2         Oh Mercy





Songs In My Heart




Another highly prolific year for Bob Dylan! After the recording of his best record for several years in April, a new enormous tour was kicked off in Sweden at the end of May. The name "The Never-Ending tour" was suggested by Dylan himself in an interview with Adrian Deevoy in the December issue of Q magazine. An amazing 99 shows were played in Europe, Canada and US. The new record, Oh Mercy, received high praise everywhere, most reviewers giving the producer, Daniel Lanois, lots of credits.


2        The Year at a glance





3        CALENDAR


12 February

Bob Dylan joins the Grateful Dead on stage at their show at the LA Forum. He plays guitar on 8 songs and is finally persuaded (?) to sing on Knockin' On Heaven's Door.


OH MERCY recording sessions in New Orleans.

27 May

The European tour starts with a show in the park of the Christinehof castle in the south of Sweden.

1 July

After 21 shows in Europe, the tour continues in US in Peoria only two days after the last show in Athens, Greece.

10-9 September

The summer tour concludes with two shows at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. Nothing from the new album has been aired during this part of the tour.

19 September

OH MERCY is released.

21 September

The Edna Gundersen interview is published is USA Today.

24 September

Dylan participates in the "L'Chaim To Life, Telethon '89" on Chabad TV. Together with his son-in-law Peter Himmelman and Harry Dean Stanton on guitars he plays flute and recorder (!) on three songs. The "group" is called 'Chopped Liver'.

10 October

The fall tour starts with four shows at the Beacon Theater in New York. A number of the Oh Mercy songs are played at last. Before the tour is over they have played 6 songs from the new album, leaving the two first and the two last for the future.

20 November

Dylan records People Get Ready in Bloomington, Indiana for the movie FLASHBACK. The soundtrack is released in 1990.


Q magazine publishes a long article by Adrian Deevoy called 'The Wanted Man', also containing an interview.





Here’s a list of recordings from 1989 other than concerts. For details please refer to the corresponding session pages in Still On The Road.


12 February

Guest appearance at a Grateful Dead concert


Rehearsals for the European Tour in New York City

24 September

L'chaim To Life, Telethon '89

20 November

Recording session in Bloomington, Indiana resulting in People Get Ready.




5.1       Dylan & The Dead

This a live album released 6 February 1989 with performances taken from the short six-stop summer tour with The Grateful Dead in July 1987. The songs are:



Slow Train

Foxboro, Massachusetts, 4 July


I Want You

Oakland, California, 24 July


Gotta Serve Somebody

Anaheim, California, 26 July


Queen Jane Approximately

Eugene, Oregon, 19 July



Foxboro, Massachusetts, 4 July


All Along The Watchtower

Anaheim, California, 26 July


Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Anaheim, California, 26 July


5.2       Oh Mercy

Please refer to the Still On The Road session pages for session details and participating musicians.

It can be noted that all songs on Oh Mercy have been performed live! Live debuts:

Political World

New Haven 12 January 1990

Where Teardrops Fall

New Haven 12 January 1990

New Haven 12 January 1990

New York City 10 October 1989

Ring Them Bells

Poughkeepsie 20 October 1989

Man In The Long Black Coat

New York City 13 October 1989

Most Of The Time

New York City 10 October 1989

What Good Am I?

New York City 10 October 1989

Disease Of Conceit

Troy 27 October 1989

What Was It You Wanted

New Haven 12 January 1990

Shooting Star

East Troy 9 June 1990