1990 Days Of ‘49



8      SONGS 1990. 1

9      SOURCES. 1


10.1     General background. 2

10.2     Article compilations. 2

10.3     Articles. 2




Days of ‘49


8         SONGS 1990


10,000 Men

2 x 2

7 Deadly Sins  *

Cat's In The Well

Cool Dry Place (Tom Petty)  *

Handy Dandy

If You Belonged To Me  *

Inside Out (George Harrison)  *

Like A Ship

New Blue Moon (Jeff Lynne)  *

Poor House (Jeff Lynne)  *

She's My Baby  *

T.V. Talkin' Song

The Devil's Been Busy (Jeff Lynne) 


Under The Red Sky

Where Were You Last Night?  *

Wiggle Wiggle

Wilbury Twist (Bob Dylan-Tom Petty- George Harrison-Jeff Lynne)  *

You Took My Breath Away (George Harrison)  *


[1]  This song is on the record credited to The Traveling Wilburys. The name in parenthesis is just a guess!



9         SOURCES


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10.1    General background

John Bauldie

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Wanted Man 1995, 90 pages. Collected diaries from The Never-Ending Tour.

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10.2    Article compilations

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10.3    Articles

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