7      NEW BOOKS

8      SOURCES


9.1       General background

9.2       Article compilations

9.3       Articles







7         NEW BOOKS

The flood of new Dylan books continued. Here's a, no doubt incomplete, list:

Anonymous: Looking For Some Answers - The Bob Dylan Quiz Book

Agast Publications, 1994. 40 pages.

500 Dylan questions (and answers) on all levels of knowledge.

Glen Dundas; Tangled Up In Tapes, The recordings of Bob Dylan

SMA Services, 1994. 366 pages, large format.

The third edition of this "alternative" Krogsgaard. This edition has a song index (only tour songs) and

a section on "missing" tapes. The video section is understandably much shorter this time. There is no

way to keep track of all the different audience videos, Dundas concentrates on the official and

broadcast stuff. Oddly enough there are no details about backing musicians.                      

Bob Dylan: 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration

Official song book from BobFest.

Bob Dylan: The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration

Spanish book with all the song lyrics (mostly as actually performed) both in English and Spanish.

Bob Dylan: Drawn Blank

Random House 1994.

Includes foreword by Bob Dylan, September 1994.

Bob Dylan: Tarantula

Paperback re-issue.

Dave Percival: Love Plus Zero/With Limits

X-Asity, England 1994. 400 pages.

Another concordance. Lyrics to unreleased songs also included. Contains a permutated index.

Adrian Rawlins: Dylan Through The Looking Glass

The All Night Cafe, 1994. 51 pages.

A collection of writings on Bob Dylan, 1966-1981.

Phill Townsend: Strangers And Prophets - CD Boots Volume II

A Next 2 Last Publication from Toasted Cheese, 1994.

110 pages + index volume 70 pages.

Covers the second 100 Dylan CD boots.                      

Richard D. Wissolik & Scott McGrath: Bob Dylan's Words - A Critical Dictionary & Commentary

Eadmer Press, 1994. 256 pages.

Critical essays.       

Robin Witting        The Cracked Bells: A guide to Tarantula

Exploding Roster Books, England 1994. 140 pages.

Contains page-by-page annotations to Tarantula.

Mike Wyvill & John Wraith: Down The Highway  Bob Dylan's 1993 Concerts

Wanted Man, 1974. 52 pages.

Concert listings and comments plus a lot of pictures from The Telegraph.



8         SOURCES


Glen Dundas

Tangled Up In Tapes — 4th Edition

A Recording History of Bob Dylan

SMA Services, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada 1999. Softcover 334 pages.

Clinton Heylin

A Life In Stolen Moments.

Bob Dylan Day By Day 1941-1995.

Schirmer Books 1996, 404 pages.

Clinton Heylin

Bob Dylan, The Recording Sessions 1960-1994

St. Martin's Press, 1995, 233 pages.

Ian Woodward

The Wicked Messenger column in Isis.


The tape collection of The Dylan Stockholm Society.


Articles in rec.music.dylan.


The Telegraph, On The Tracks, Series Of Dreams 1994



9.1        General background

John Bauldie

The Diary of a Bobcat
Wanted Man 1995, 90 pages. Collected diaries from The Never-Ending Tour.

Michael Gray

Song & Dance Man III. The Art Of Bob Dylan

Cassell 1999. Hardback 918 pages (!!)

Clinton Heylin

Bob Dylan: Behind The Shades. Take Two.

Viking 2000, 780 pages.

Anthony Scaduto

Bob Dylan. An intimate biography. New American Library 1973

Robert Shelton

No Direction Home. The Life and Music of Bob Dylan. New American Library 1986.

Howard Sounes

Down The Highway. The Life Of Bob Dylan. Groove Press 2001.


9.2        Article compilations

Carl Benson (ed.)

The Bob Dylan Companion — Four Decades of Commentary.

Schirmer Books, New York 1998. Softcover 306 pages.

Craig McGregor (ed.)

Bob Dylan. A Retrospective.

William Morrow 1972

Elizabeth M. Thomson (ed)

Conclusions On The Wall. New Essays On Bob Dylan.

Thin Man 1980

Paul Williams

Watching The River Flow

Observations on Bob Dylan's Art-in-Progress, 1966-1995.

Omnibus Press 1996, 255 pages.

9.3        Articles

Report on The Great Music Experience in Japan – The Telegraph 49 (Autumn 1994)

With God On His Side - report on The Great Music Experience. Q Magazine, August 1994.