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6       NEW BOOKS

Here's a, no doubt incomplete, list from the never-ending flood of new Dylan books:


Looking For Some Answers - The Bob Dylan Quiz Book (Volume 3)
Privately published, UK, October 1996.
(Note that there is no volume 2 of this book!)

John Baldwin: The fiddler now upspoke, Volume 3.
A collection of Bob Dylan interviews and press conferences.
Desolation Row Promotions, 1996. 210 pages.

Tim Dunn: The Bob Dylan Copyright Files 1962-1995.
A Rolling Tomes/Not-A-CES Publication 1996, 111 pages.

Vincente Escudero: Bob Dylan En La Prensa Espanola (1980-1993)
Los Jugulares, Ediciones Jucar, Madrid 1996, 170 pages.
Articles, mainly from Spanish newspapers, on Bob Dylan activities in Spain.

Clinton Heylin: A Life In Stolen Moments.
Bob Dylan Day By Day 1941-1995.
Schirmer Books 1996, 404 pages.
An update of his 1988 book Stolen Moments.

John Hume: I've Been Shooting In The Dark Too Long
With a Foreword by Paul Williams.
A Photographic record of 12 years of Bob Dylan in concert (1984-1995).
Bulletproof Books, February 1996, 112 pages.

Jenny Ledeen: Prophecy in the Christian Era.
A study of Bob Dylan's work from 1961 to 1967, emphasizing his use of enigma to teach ethics, and comparing him to Dante Alighieri and other poets.
Doctoral thesis.
Peaceberry Press of Webster Groves, December 1995, 241 pages.

Paul Williams: Watching The River Flow
Observations on Bob Dylan's Art-in-Progress, 1966-1995.
A collection of Williams' writings on Dylan.
Omnibus Press 1996, 255 pages.

Robert Witting: The Meaning of an Orange
Pocket Tarantula.

Exploding Rooster Books 1996, 60 pages.

Robert Witting: There'a A New Day At Dawn
A Rough Guide To Street Legal

Exploding Rooster Books 1996, 81 pages.

Mike Wyvill & John Wraith : So Many Roads. Bob Dylan's 1995 Concerts
Wanted Man, 1996. 62 pages.
Concert listings and comments plus a lot of pictures from The Telegraph.




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[5]    Articles and columns in The Telegraph, On The Tracks, Series Of Dreams 1996.

[6]    My own tape collection.