3      CALENDAR.. 2


4.1       Million Miles. 3

4.2       Web Bob. 4

4.3       New tapes & bootlegs. 4

4.3.1        Sydney Stadium, Sydney, Australia 13 April 1996. 4

4.3.2        Augusta, Maine 26 November 1975. 4

4.3.3        New PA-tapes. 4


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1           INTRODUCTION

1999 turned out to be another year on the road. In fact Bob Dylan played more concerts than ever before in a single year, topping the previous record from 1995 with 3 concerts. In April Bob Dylan recorded a new song for a film soundtrack. Rumours about recording sessions in New York in August proved to be premature, so as far as we know the April session was the only studio activity this year. The first leg of the Never-Ending tour continued where the last tour in 1998 ended with essentially the same show. The yearly Europe tour took place in Spring and was largely concentrated to southern Europe with no UK or Scandinavian shows. For the first time during the Never-Ending tour there was a significant change in the show format. The shows now started with an acoustic set with 5 or 6 songs, followed by the electric set. The encores were as before a mix of electric and acoustic renditions. This format was retained during the next three parts of the Never-Ending tour, of which the first two were joint tours with Paul Simon, where they took turns in opening and ending shows, with a duet section in between, with Dylan joining Simon’s Band when Simon was opening or vice versa. The songs were the same though. Although these two tours was “greatest hits packages” the quality in terms of delivery and commitment was consistently very high, matching the outrageous ticket prices. Phil Lesh & Friends was the opening act for the last tour, when the greatest hits concept  was abandoned for a much more varied set list, in fact one of the most varied since the start of the Never-Ending tour in 1988.




2           THE YEAR AT A GLANCE





3           CALENDAR


26 January

The extensive touring this year starts with a winter tour in the United States. First show takes place in Fort Myers, Florida and features the live debut of My Blue Eyed Jane by Jimmie Rodgers. The band and the format of the show are kept intact from 1998.

3 February

Bob Dylan is nominated in the best country songwriter category for the upcoming Grammy Awards. This is for Make You Feel My Love recorded by Garth Brooks, which reached #1 on the Billboard Country Single & Track chart.

1 March

At The Rio Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dylan and his band play at a private event sponsored by Lucky Brand Dungarees with Dave Mason as opening act.

2 March

The winter tour ends with a show at The House Of Blues in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Bob Dylan records a new song Things Have Changed for the soundtrack to a film called Wonder Boys. A promo video with Dylan is filmed at a later occasion.

5 April

Bob Dylan and Paul Simon are interviewed in USA Today by Edna Gundersen.
Dylan: I was right away excited about doing this.
Simon: It appealed to me immediately.

6 April

Recording of the Johnny Cash tribute show at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. Bob Dylan and band appear in a pre-recorded video from the rehearsals for the European tour performing Train Of Love. The event was broadcast 18 April in the US.

7 April – 2 May

For the eleventh consecutive year Dylan tours Europe. This time he covers Portugal and Spain as well as France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The tour starts in Lisbon where Tryin’ To Get To Heaven makes it’s live debut in a semi-acoustic version with Dylan on acoustic guitar. With this show Dylan also introduces the new format with a longer acoustic set in the beginning. Sort of 1966 Revisited.

25 April

Bob Dylan’s and Bruce Springsteen’s tour itineraries intersect in Zürich and Nils Lofgren and Steve van Zandt from Springsteen’s band guest on the last encore.

21 May

An exhibition of Daniel Kramer’s photographs open at the Govinda Gallery in Washington D.C. with Daniel Kramer in attendance.

24 May

Bob Dylan's 58th birthday.

5 June

The joint Summer tour with Paul Simon starts with a warm up show in Denver, Colorado. Bucky Baxter has now left the band his position has been taken over by Larry Campbell. Charlie Sexton, a seasoned session player and former member of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s band Double Trouble is recruited as new guitarist.

Paul Simon joins Dylan’s band for a run through of the planned duets. They end with Forever Young, which they apparently aren’t particularly satisfied with for it is to be replaced with Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door for the rest of the tour.

15 June

A New York consultant discloses that she is working with the city of Duluth to build a non-profit Bob Dylan Digital Arts Center.

30 June

Hibbing plans Dylan Museum.

30 June

Bob Dylan appears at the “Eric Clapton & Friends To Benefit Crossroads Centre Antigua” at Madison Square Garden, New York City. He sings six songs backed by Eric Clapton’s band and returns for the encore Bright Lights, Big City with Sheryl Crow.

26 July

Dylan plays another breakout gig at Tramps in New York City.  It is one of the longest concerts during the Never-Ending Tour and like the other “solo” shows it  features songs not played during the more “greatest hits” focused sets together with Paul Simon. Examples are John Brown, Visions Of Johanna, Every Grain Of Sand and I Shall Be Released. Elvis Costello is in town and joins Dylan and the band on the last one.

30-31 July

The extensive 38 show summer tour ends with two shows at The Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, New York.


Rumours circulate about Dylan having booked recording sessions in New York City at The Theatre. Eventually Dylan cancelled.

2 September

A short 10 date Fall Tour with Paul Simon starts in West Palm Beach, Florida and features the first rendition of a Dwight Yoakam song, The Heart That You Own.

8 September

Country music artist Marty Stuart joins the band for the entire show in Antioch, Tennessee playing acoustic & electric guitar, and mandolin.

12 October

Bob Dylan appears unbilled on the 4th episode of the new season’s US TV sitcom Dharma & Greg, called Play Lady Play. Dylan plays on two instrumental songs as a band leader when Dharma is trying out for a new band.

26 October

The Fall Tour with Phil Lesh & Friends starts with two warm up shows in Chicago.

8 November

After having performed fairly standard set lists during the first eight concerts, the mood changes and the rest of the tour features a number of firsts and seldom played songs. In Baltimore, Maryland Ring Them Bells, Joey and Big River returns and Down Along The Cove gets its third rendition.

9 November

In Philadelphia A Satisfied Mind from Saved makes its live debut. This makes Saved one of the albums from which all songs have been performed in concert. Folsom Prison Blues, Man Of Peace and Shooting Star are other welcome additions to the set list.

10 November

This night in New Haven I And I  and West L.A. Fadeaway are the surprise returns.

11 November

Song To Woody, Absolutely Sweet Marie and the live debut of Willie Dixon’s I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man are performed in Augusta, Maine. 

15 November

Live debut of Jesse Stone´s Money Honey in Ithaca, New York.

18 November

Doug Sahm dies of a heart attack in Taos, New Mexico.

19 November

In the Copa Room at the Sands Casino in Atlantic City two breakout shows are played. The early show is an all acoustic affair, except the last encore, Not Fade Away. The late show features 12 new songs out of 13 compared to the early show. Phil Lesh has now left the tour.

20 November

The last show of this tour, this year and this millennium is played in Newark, Delaware. A song written by Jim Anglin, This World Can’t Stand Long is debuted. The opening act, “the blues bombshell” Susan Tedeschi is invited to play guitar by Dylan.

9 December

Rick Danko dies in his home in Woodstock.






4.1       Million Miles


1.     Love Sick

2.     Can’t Wait

3.     Million Miles

4.     Cold Iron Bounds


Free sampler containing live recordings released as part of the marketing of the remastered versions of Street Legal and Greatest Hits Volume II. 


1 recorded 25 February 1998 at Radio Music City Hall in New York City as part of the 40th Annual Grammy Awards Ceremony.

2 and 4 recorded at the El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, California on 20 December 1997.

3 recorded at Broome County Arena, Binghamton, New York on 19 February 1999.


Tracks 2-4 labelled as ”field recordings”.


Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar), Bucky Baxter (pedal steel guitar), Larry Campbell (guitar), Tony Garnier (bass), David Kemper (drums).


Released on MILLION MILES Live Recordings 1997-1999,  Columbia CSK 42171, June 1999. Available only in The U.S.






4.2       Web Bob

The official Bob Dylan homepage on the Internet, www.bobdylan.com, started August 1997 and has developed into by far the best of all official artist pages. A special treat is the inclusion of complete and mostly unreleased tracks, made available in the so called "real-audio" format. Almost all so far are live PA recordings. Tracks uploaded in 1999 in order of appearance:


Love Sick

6 February 1999

Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee

Blowin’ In The Wind

30 January 1999

Ice Palace, Tampa, Florida

Tears Of Rage

22 February 1999

RPI Fieldhouse, Try, New York

Make You Feel My Love

2 March 1999

UNO Lakefront Arena, New Orleans, Louisiana

Watching The River Flow

1 February 1999

Tallahassee-Leon County Civic Center

Tallahassee, Florida

Friend Of The Devil

19 February 1999

Broome County Arena, Binghamton, New York

Visions Of Johanna

25 February 1999

Cumberland Civic Center

Portland, Maine

Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right

22 February 1999

RPI Fieldhouse, Try, New York


30 January 1999

Ice Palace, Tampa, Florida

Never Gonna Be The Same Again

30 January 1999

Ice Palace, Tampa, Florida

To Be Alone With You

22 February 1999

RPI Fieldhouse, Try, New York

Man In The Long Black Coat

30 January 1999

Ice Palace, Tampa, Florida

Not Fade Away

22 February 1999

RPI Fieldhouse, Try, New York

Fourth Time Around

13 April 1999

Sala Ataulfo Argenta, Palacio de Festivales

Santander, Spain


27 July 1999

Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York

Tryin’ To Get To Heaven

7 April 1999

Pavilhão do Atlântico,Parque das Nações, Lisbon, Portugal


4.3       New tapes & bootlegs

4.3.1   Sydney Stadium, Sydney, Australia 13 April 1996

A new tape of Bob Dylan’s first show in Australia. This concert features Positively 4th Street as closing number instead of Like A Rolling Stone.

4.3.2   Augusta, Maine 26 November 1975

Previously uncirculated tape containing the whole show with a rare outing of Fourth Time Around,  first live version of this songs since the 1966 world tour.

4.3.3   New PA-tapes

The following new PA-tapes have started circulating:

J  Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, 31 January 1974,
the remaining part of this soundboard tape is now finally circulating.

J  Mansfield 12 September 1993

J  House Of Blues, Atlanta, Georgia 4 August 1996

J  Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 23 October 1998