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6       NEW BOOKS

Here is a, no doubt incomplete, list from the never-ever-ending flood of new Dylan books:


John Baldwin: The fiddler now upspoke, Volume 5.
A collection of Bob Dylan interviews and press conferences.

Desolation Row Promotions, 1999. 226 pages.
Another volume in this indispensable series. Contains interviews from October 1961 to December 1997. Comes with a complete subject index to all five volumes, which now runs close to 1200 pages in total.

Ken Brooks: The Man In Him
Agenda  1999. Softcover 246 pages.
Yet another career overview, and track-by-track analysis of the released albums.

Glen Dundas: Tangled Up In Tapes — 4th Edition
A Recording History of Bob Dylan
SMA Services, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada 1999. Softcover 334 pages.

Includes all known recordings and live appearances to the end of 1998..

Bob Dylan: Tarantula
Bakhåll, Lund, Sweden 1999. Softcover 189 pages.
Tarantula translated to Swedish accompanied by the original English text.
Comes with a CD with the 1966 Klas Burling interview in superb quality.
A book in the series Legendary Artists’ Books.

Bob Dylan & Scott Menchin: Man Gave Names to All the Animals
Harcourt Brace 1999, 32 pages.
Lyrics by Bob Dylan, illustrations by Scott Menchin. A children’s book.

Early Dylan
Photographs by Barry Feinstein, Daniel Kramer, and Jim Marshall
Foreword by Arlo Guthrie
Pavilion 1999. Hardback 96 pages.
73 exciting photographs of Bob Dylan between 1963 and 1969, some not seen before.

James Ensor and Bob Dylan: The Superhuman Crew
The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles 1999, 32 pages.
The James Ensor painting Christ’s Entry in Brussels from 1889 juxtaposed to the lyrics of Desolation Row. This book comes with a one-track CD.

Christof Graf: Bob Dylan, Man on the Road
The Never Ending Tour 1988-1999.
In English and German.

Michael Gray: Song & Dance Man III
The Art Of Bob Dylan
Cassell 1999. Hardback 918 pages (!!)
The long awaited update of his classic work on Dylan’s art from 1973, revised 1981. This new edition adds no less than thirteen new chapters to original seven. It runs for more than 900 pages with no photographs!

Dave Henderson: Touched by the hand of Bob
Epiphanal Bob Dylan experience from a Buick Six
The Black Book Company, Pewsey, UK 1999. Softcover 166 pages.
A series of short pieces in which different people tell what Bob Dylan meant to them.

Clinton Heylin: Dylan’s Dæmon Lover
The Tangled Tale of a 450-year old Pop Ballad
Helter Skelter Books 1999. Softcover 186 pages.
About the roots and evolution of the song Dylan recorded as House Carpenter for his first album in 1961.

John Hume:

In The Spotlight So Clear
Bob Dylan in the UK and Ireland 1984 – 1999

Clear Focused All Around
Bob Dylan in Europe 1984-1998

In Jersey Anything’s Legal
Bob Dylan in USA and Canada 1986-1998.

Bulletproof Books 1999. Softcover.
Three photo books from the man who’s always shooting in the dark.

Elaine Jackson: Bob Dylan Postmodern Troubadour?
An investigation into the lyrics of Bob Dylan in the Context of Postmodernism.
Desolation Row Promotions, 1999. 56 pages.
Sub title says all.

Tracy Johnson: Encounters with Bob Dylan. If You See Him. Say Hello.
Humble Press, California 1999. Softcover 176 pages.
A number of recollections of meetings with Bob Dylan.

Stephen Scobie: And Forget My Name
A Speculative biography of Bob Dylan.
The life of Bob Dylan as a poem.

Mike Wyvill and John Wraith: On The Highway. Bob Dylan's 1998 Concerts.
Two Riders, 1999. 62 pages.
Concert listings and comments plus a lot of pictures.



[1]    The Wicked Messenger column in Isis 1999.

[2]    Karl Erik Andersen's fabulous Expecting Rain page:

[3]    Bill Pagel's excellent tour reports on his Bob Links page:

[4]    Articles and columns in The Bridge and On The Tracks 1999.

[5]    Reviews and various other postings on rec.music.dylan.

[6]    The tape collection of The Dylan Stockholm Society.



I would like very much to thank Jörgen Lindström for many of the BobTalk transcriptions and all the hours of discussions of concert tapes and other Bob stuff. Also Åke Jonsson and Jan Semneby for  reading and commenting on parts of this chronicle.