Rough And Rowdy Ways


[Source: lyrics as sung by Bob Dylan on the released album and transcribed by Daniel Mackay.]


I Contain Multitudes. 1

False Prophet.. 3

My Own Version of You.. 4

I've Made Up My Mind to Give Myself to You.. 6

Black Rider.. 7

Goodbye Jimmy Reed.. 8

Mother of Muses. 9

Crossing the Rubicon.. 10

Key West (Philosopher Pirate) 11

Murder Most Foul.. 14



I Contain Multitudes


Today and tomorrow and yesterday too

The flowers are dyiní like all things do

Follow me close, Iím going to Bally-na-lee

Iíll lose my mind if you donít come with me

I fuss with my hair and I fight blood feuds

I contain multitudes


Got a tell-tale heart like Mr. Poe

Got skeletons in the walls of people you know

Iíll drink to the truth and to things we said

Iíll drink to the man that shares your bed

I paint landscapes and I paint nudes

I contain multitudes


Red Cadillac and a black moustache

Rings on my fingers that sparkle and flash

Tell me whatís next, what shall we do?

Half my soul, baby, belongs to you

I rollick and I frolic with all the young dudes

I contain multitudes


Iím just like Anne Frank, like Indiana Jones

And them British bad boys, the Rolling Stones

I go right to the edge, I go right to the end

I go right where all things lost are made good again


I sing the songs of experience like William Blake

I have no apologies to make

Everythingís flowing all at the same time

I live on a boulevard of crime

I drive fast cars and I eat fast foods

I contain multitudes


Pink pedal pushers, red blue jeans

All the pretty maids and all the old queens

All the old creeds from all my past lives

I carry four pistols and two large knives

Iím a man of contradictions, Iím a man of many moods

I contain multitudes


You greedy old wolf, Iíll show you my heart

But not all of it, only the hateful part

Iíll sell ya down the river and put a price on your head

What more can I tell ya? I sleep with life and death in the same bed


Get lost, madam, get up off my knee

Keep your mouth away from me

Iíll keep the path open, the path in my mind

I see to it that thereís no love left behind

I play Beethovenís sonatas, Chopinís preludes

I contain multitudes

False Prophet


Another day that donít end Ė another ship goiní out

Another day of anger, bitterness, and doubt

I know how it happened Ė I saw it begin

I opened my heart to the world and the world came in


Hello Mary Lou Ė Hello Miss Pearl

My fleet-footed guides from the underworld

No stars in the sky shine brighter than you

You girls mean business and I do too


Well, Iím the enemy of treason Ė a Ďenemy of strife

Iím the enemy of the unlived meaningless life

I ainít no false prophet Ė I just know what I know

I go where only the lonely can go


Iím first among equals Ė second to none

The last of the best Ė you can bury the rest

Bury íem naked with their silver and gold

Put íem six feet under and a-pray for their soul


What are you lookiní at Ė thereís nothing to see

Just a cool breeze thatís encircling me

Letís go for a walk in the garden Ė so far and so wide

We can sit in the shade by the fountain side


I searched the world over for the Holy Grail

I sing songs of love Ė I sing songs of betrayal

Donít care what I drink Ė I donít care what I eat

I climbed a mountain of swords on my bare feet


You donít know me darliní Ė ya never would guess

Iím nothing like my ghostly appearance would suggest

I ainít no False Prophet Ė I just said what I said

Iím just here to bring vengeance on somebodyís head


Put out your hand Ė thereís nothiní to hold

Open your mouth Ė Iíll stuff it with gold

Oh you poor Devil Ė look up if you will

The City of God is there on the hill


Hello stranger Ė Hello and goodbye

You rule the land, but so do I

Ya lusty old mule Ė you got a poisoned brain

Iíll marry you to a ball and chain


You know darliní the kind of life that I live

When your smile meets my smile Ė a-somethings got to give

I ainít no false prophet Ė no, Iím nobodyís bride

Canít remember when I was born and I forgot when I died


My Own Version of You


All through the summers, into January

I've been visiting morgues and monasteries

Looking for the necessary body parts

Limbs and livers and brains and hearts

I'll bring someone to life, is what I wanna do

I'm gonna create my own version of you


Well, it must be the winter of my discontent

I wish youíd a-taken me with you wherever you went

They talk all night and they talk all day

Not for a minute, do I believe anything they say

I'm gonna bring someone to life, someone I've never seen

You know what I mean, you know exactly what I mean


I'll take the Scarface Pacino & the Godfather Brando

Mix it up in a tank and get a robot commando

If I do it up right and put the head on straight

I'll be saved by the creature that I create


I'll get blood from a cactus, gunpowder from ice

I don't gamble with cards and I don't shoot no dice

Can you look in my face with your sightless eye?

Can you cross your heart and hope to die?

I'll bring someone to life, someone for real

Someone who feels the way that I feel


I study Sanskrit and Arabic to improve my mind

I wanna do things for the benefit of all mankind

I say to the willow tree, "Don't weep for me"

I'm saying the hell to all things that used to be


Well, I get into trouble, then I hit the wall

No place to turn, no place at all

I'll pick a number between a-one and two

And I ask myself, "What would Julius Caesar do?"

I'll bring someone to life in more ways than one

Don't matter how long it takes, it'll be done when it's done


I'm gonna make you play the piano like Leon Russell

Like Liberace, like St. John the Apostle

I'll play every number that I can play

I'll see you maybe on Judgment Day

After midnight, if you still wanna meet

I'll be at the Black Horse Tavern on Armageddon Street

Two doors down, not that far to walk

I'll hear your footsteps, you won't have to knock

I'll bring someone to life, balance the scales

I'm not gonna get involved in any insignificant details


You can bring it to St. Peter, you can bring it to Jerome

You can bring it all the way over, bring it all the way home

Bring it to the corner where the children play

You can bring it to me on a silver tray

I'll bring someone to life, spare no expense

Do it with decency and common sense


Can you tell me what it means, to be or not to be?

You won't get away with fooliní me

Can you help me walk that moonlight mile?

Can you give me the blessings of your smile?

I'll bring someone to life, use all of my powers

Do it in the dark in the wee small hours


I can see the history of the whole human race

It's all right there, it's carved into your face

Should I break it all down? Should I fall on my knees?

Is there light at the end of the tunnel, can you tell me please?


Stand over there by the cypress tree

Where the Trojan women and children were sold into slavery

Long before the First Crusade

Way back Ďfore England or America were made


Step right into the burning hell

Where some of the best-known enemies of mankind dwell

Mr. Freud with his dreams, Mr. Marx with his axe

See the rawhide lash rip the skin from their backs


Got the right spirit, you can feel it you can hear it

You've got what they call the immortal spirit

You can feel it all night, you can feel it in the morn

It creeps in your body the day you were born


One strike of lightning is all that I need

And a blast of Ďlectricity that runs at top speed

Show me your ribs, I'll stick in the knife

Gonna jump-start my creation to life

I wanna bring someone to life, turn back the years

Do it with laughter and do it with tears


I've Made Up My Mind to Give Myself to You


Iím sitting on my terrace, lost in the stars

Listening to the sounds of the sad guitars.

Been thinking it all over, and I thought it all through

Iíve made up my mind to give myself to you


I saw the first fall of snow

I saw the flowers come and go

I donít think that anyone ever else ever knew

Iíve made up my mind to give myself to you


Iím giving myself to you, I am

From Salt Lake City to Birmingham

From East LA to San Antone

I donít think I could bear to live my life alone


My eye is like a shooting star

It looks at nothing here or there, looks at nothing near or far

No one ever told me, itís just something I knew

Iíve made up my mind to give myself to you


If I had the wings of a snow white dove

Iíd preach the gospel, the gospel of love

A love so real, a love so true

Iíve made up my mind to give myself to you


Take me out traveling, youíre a traveling man

Show me something that Iíll understand

Iím not what I was, things arenít what they were

Iím going far away from home with her


I traveled the long road of despair

Iíve met no other traveler there

Lotta people gone, a lotta people I knew

Iíve made up my mind to give myself to you.


Well my heartís like a river, a river that sings

Just takes me a while to realize things

Iíll see you at sunrise, Iíll see you at dawn

Iíll lay down beside you when everyoneís gone


I traveled from the mountains to the sea

I hope that the gods go easy with me

I knew youíd say yes, Iím saying it too

Iíve made up my mind to give myself to you


Black Rider


Black rider, black rider, you been living too hard

Been up all night, have to stay on your guard

The path that youíre walking Ė too narrow to walk

Every step of the way, another stumbling block

The road that youíre on Ė same road that you know

Just not the same as it was a minute ago


Black rider, black rider, youíve seen it all

Youíve seen the great world, and youíve seen the small

You fell into the fire, and youíre eating the flame

Better seal up your lips if you want to stay in the game

Be reasonable mister, be honest, be fair

Let all of your earthly thoughts be a prayer


Black rider, black rider, all dressed in black

Iím walking away, you try to make me look back

My heart is at rest, Iíd like to keep it that way

I donít want to fight, at least not today

Go home to your wife, stop visiting mine

One of these days, Iíll forget to be kind


Black rider, black rider, tell me when, tell me how

If there ever was a time, then let it be now

Let me go through, open the door

My soul is distressed, my mind is at war

Donít hug me, donít flatter me, donít turn on the charm

I take a sword and hack off your arm


Black rider, black rider, hold it right there

The size of your cock wonít get you nowhere

I suffer in silence, Iíll not make a sound

Maybe Iíll take the high moral ground

Some enchanted evening, Iíll sing you a song

Black rider, black rider, youíve been on the job too long



Goodbye Jimmy Reed


‪I live on a street named after a saint

‪Women in the churches wear powder and paint

‪Where the Jews and the Catholics and the Muslims all pray

‪I can tell the proddy from a mile away

‪Goodbye Jimmy Reed, Jimmy Reed indeed

‪Gimme that old time religion, itís just what I need


‪For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the Glory

‪Go tell it on the mountain, go tell the real story

‪Tell in that straightforward puritanical tone

‪In the mystic hours, where a personís alone

‪Goodbye Jimmy Reed, Godspeed

‪Thump on the Bible, proclaim a creed


‪You wonít amount to much, the people all said

‪ĎCos I didnít play guitar behind my head

‪Never pandered, never acted proud

‪Never took off my shoes, threw Ďem into the crowd

‪Goodbye Jimmy Reed, goodbye and good night

‪Put a jewel in your crown and Iíll put out the light


‪They threw everything at me, everything in the book

I had nothing to fight with but a butcherís hook

They had no pity, they never lent a hand,

I canít sing a song that I donít understand

Goodbye Jimmy Reed, goodbye and good luck

I canít play the record Ďcos my needle got stuck


‪Transparent woman in a transparent dress

‪Suits you well I must confess

‪I break open your grapes, I suck out that juice

‪I need you like my head needs a noose

‪Goodbye Jimmy Reed, goodbye and so long

‪I thought I could resist her, but I was so wrong


God be with you, brother dear

‪If you donít mind me asking, what brings you here?

‪Ah nothing much, Iím just looking for the man

‪Came to see where heís lying in this lost land

‪Goodbye Jimmy Reed, and everything within ya

‪Canít you hear me calling from down in Virginia?



Mother of Muses


‪Mother of Muses sing for me

‪Sing of the mountains and the deep dark sea

‪Sing of the lakes and the nymphs of the forest

‪Sing your hearts out, all ya women of the chorus

‪Sing of honor and faith, and glory be

‪Mother of Muses, sing for me


‪Mother of Muses, sing for my heart

‪Sing of a love, too soon to depart

‪Sing of the heroes who stood alone

‪Whose names are engraved on tablets of stone

‪Who struggled with pain so the world could go free

‪Mother of Muses, sing for me


‪Sing of Sherman, Montgomery, and Scott,

And of Zhukov, and Patton, and the battles they fought

Who cleared the path for Presley to sing,

Who carved the path for Martin Luther King

Who did what they dared and they went on their way

Man, I could tell their stories all day


Iím falling in love with Calliope

She donít belong to anyone, why not give her to me?

Sheís speaking to me, speaking with her eyes

Iíve grown so tired of chasing lies

Mother of Muses, wherever you are

Iíve already outlived my life by far


Mother of Muses, unleash your wrath

Things I canít see, theyíre blocking the path

Show me your wisdom, tell me my fate

Put me upright, make me walk straight

Forge my identity from the inside out

You know what Iím talking about


Take me to the river, release your charms

Let me lay down awhile in your sweet loviní arms

Wake me, shake me, free me from sin

Make me invisible like the wind

Got a mind to ramble, got a mind to roam

Iím traveliní light, and Iím a-slow cominí home



Crossing the Rubicon


‪I crossed the Rubicon on the 14th day of the most dangerous month of the year

At the worst time, at the worst place Ė thatís all I seem to hear

I got up early so I could greet the Goddess of the Dawn

I painted my wagon ďabandon all hope,Ē and I crossed the Rubicon


Well, the Rubicon is the Red River, going gently as she flows

Redder then your ruby lips and the blood that flows from the rose

Three miles north of Purgatory Ė one step from the great beyond

I prayed to the cross, I kissed the girls, and I crossed the Rubicon


What are these dark days I see in this world so badly bent

How can I redeem the time Ė the time so idly spent

How much longer can it last Ė how long can it go on

I embraced my love, put down my head, and I crossed the Rubicon


I can feel the bones beneath my skin, and theyíre trembliní with rage

Iíll make your wife a widow Ė youíll never see old age

Show me one good man in sight that the sun shines down upon

I pawned my watch, I paid my debts, and I crossed the Rubicon


Put my heart upon the hill where some happiness there Iíll find

If I survive, then let me love Ė let the hour be mine

Take the high road Ė take the low, take any one youíre on

I poured the cup, I passed it along, and I crossed the Rubicon


Well, you defiled the most lovely flower in all of womanhood

Others can be tolerant Ė others can be good

Iíll cut ya up with a crooked knife, Lord and Iíll miss ya when youíre gone

I stood between heaven and earth and I crossed the Rubicon


You wonít find any happiness here Ė no happiness or joy

Go back to the gutter, try your luck Ė find ya some nice pretty boy

Tell me how many men I need, and who can I count upon

I strapped my belt, I buttoned my coat, and I crossed the Rubicon


I feel the Holy Spirit inside, see the light that freedom gives

I believe itís in the reach of every man who lives

Keep as far away as possible Ė itís darkest Ďfore the dawn

(O Lord)

I turned the key and broke it off, and I crossed the Rubicon


Mona Baby, are you still in my mind Ė I truly believe that you are

Couldnít be anybody else but you whoís come with me this far

The killing frost is on the ground and the autumn leaves are gone

I lit the torch, I looked to the east, and I crossed the Rubicon


Key West (Philosopher Pirate)


‪McKinley hollered, McKinley squalled

Doctor said, "McKinley, death is on the wall.

Say it to me if you've got something to confess"

‪I heard all about it, he was goiní down slow

I heard it on the wireless radio

From down in the boondocks, way down in Key West


‪Iím searching for love, for inspiration

‪On that pirate radio station

‪Coming out of Luxembourg and Budapest

‪Radio signal clear as can be

‪Iím so deep in love that I can hardly see

‪Down on the flat lands, way down in Key West


‪Key West is the place to be

‪If youíre looking for immortality

‪Stay on the road, follow the highway sign

‪Key West is fine and fair

‪If you lost your mind, youíll find it there

‪Key West is on the horizon line


‪I was born on the wrong side of the railroad track

‪Like Ginsberg, Corso, and Kerouac

‪Like Louis and Jimmie and Buddy and all the rest

‪Well, it might not be the thing to do

‪But Iím sticking with you through and through

‪Down in the flatlands, way down in Key West


‪I got both my feet planted square on the ground

‪Got my right hand high with the thumb down

‪Such is life, such is happiness

‪Hibiscus flowers, they grow everywhere here

‪If you wear one, put it behind your ear

‪Down on the bottom, way down in Key West


‪Key West is the place to go

‪Down by the Gulf of Mexico

‪Beyond the sea, beyond the shifting sand

‪Key West is the gateway key

‪To innocence and purity

‪Key West, Key West is the enchanted land


‪Iíve never lived in the land of Oz

‪Or wasted my time with an unworthy cause

‪Itís hot down here, and you canít be overdressed

‪Tiny blossoms of a toxic plant

‪They can make you dizzy, Iíd like to help you but I canít

‪Down in the flatlands, way down in Key West


Well the fishtail ponds, and the orchid trees

‪They can give you that bleeding heart disease

‪People tell me I ought to try a little tenderness

‪On Newton Street, Bayview Park

‪Walking in the shadows after dark

‪Down under, way down in Key West


‪I played gumbo limbo spirituals

‪I know all the Hindu rituals

‪People tell me that Iím truly blessed

Bougainvillea blooming in the summer, in the spring

Winter here is an unknown thing

Down in the flatlands, way down in Key West


Key West is under the sun

Under the radar, under the gun

You stay to the left, and then you lean to the right

Feel the sunlight on your skin

And the healing virtues of the wind

Key West, Key West is the land of light


Wherever I travel, wherever I roam

Iím not that far from the convent home

I do what I think is right, what I think is best

History street off of Mallory Square

Truman had his White House there

East bound, west bound, way down in Key West


Twelve years old, they put me in a suit

Forced me to marry a prostitute

There were gold fringes on her wedding dress

Thatís my story, but not where it ends

Sheís still cute, and weíre still friends

Down on the bottom, way down in Key West


I play both sides against the middle

Trying to pick up that pirate radio signal

I heard the news, I heard your last request

Fly around my pretty little Miss††

I donít love nobody, give me a kiss

Down on the bottom, way down in Key West


Key West is the place to be

If youíre looking for immortality

Key West is paradise divine

Key West is fine and fair

If you lost your mind, youíll find it there

Key West is on the horizon line



Murder Most Foul



ĎTwas a dark day in Dallas Ė November Ď63

The day that will live on in infamy

President Kennedy was a-riding high

Good day to be living and a good day to die

Being led to the slaughter like a sacrificial lamb

He said wait a minute boys, you know who I am?

Of course we do, we know who you are

Then they blew off his head while he was still in the car

Shot down like a dog in broad daylight

ĎTwas a matter of timing and the timing was right

You got unpaid debts Ė weíve come to collect

Weíre gonna kill you with hatred, without any respect

Weíll mock you and shock you, and weíll grin in your face

Weíve already got someone here to take your place

The day they blew out the brains of the king

Thousands were watching, no one saw a thing

It happened so quickly Ė so quick by surprise

Right there in front of everyoneís eyes


Greatest magic trick ever under the sun

Perfectly executed, skillfully done

Wolfman, oh wolfman, oh wolfman, howl

Rub a dub dub Ė itís a murder most foul



Hush little children, youíll understand

The Beatles are coming theyíre gonna hold your hand

Slide down the bannister, go get your coat

Ferry Ďcross the Mersey and go for the throat

Thereís three bums cominí all dressed in rags

Pick up the pieces and lower the flags

Iím going to Woodstock, itís the Aquarian Age

Then Iíll go over to Altamont and sit near the stage

Put your head out the window, let the good times roll

Thereís a party going on behind the grassy knoll

Stack up the bricks, pour the cement

Donít say Dallas donít love you, Mr. President

Put your foot in the tank and then step on the gas

Try to make it to the triple underpass

Black face singer Ė white face clown

Better not show your faces after the sun goes down


Iím in the red-light district like a cop on the beat

Living in a nightmare on Elm Street

When youíre down on deep Ellum put your money in your shoe

Donít ask what your country can do for you

Cash on the barrel head, money to burn

Dealey Plaza, make a left hand turn

Iím going down to the crossroads, gonna flag a ride

The place where Faith, Hope and Charity died

Shoot Ďem while he runs, boy, shoot Ďem while you can

See if you can shoot the Invisible Man

Goodbye, Charlie, goodbye Uncle Sam

Frankly, Miss Scarlet, I donít give a damn

What is the truth Ė where did it go

Ask Oswald and Ruby Ė they oughta know

Shut your mouth, say the wise old owl

Business is business and itís murder most foul



Tommy can you hear me, Iím the Acid Queen

Iím ridiní in a long black Lincoln limousine

Ridiní in the back seat, next to my wife

Heading straight on into the afterlife

Iím leaning to the left, got my head in her lap

Oh Lord, Iíve been led into some kind of a trap

Well, we ask no quarter, no quarter do we give

Weíre right down the street from the street where you live

They mutilated his body and they took out his brain

What more could they do, they piled on the pain

But his soul was not there where it was supposed to be at

For the last fifty years theyíve been searching for that

Freedom, oh freedom, freedom over me

I hate to tell you, Mister, but only dead men are free

Send me some loving Ė tell me no lie

Throw the gun in the gutter and walk on by

Wake Up, Little Suzie, letís go for a drive

Cross the Trinity River, letís keep hope alive

Turn the radio on, donít touch the dials

Parkland Hospital only six more miles

You got me Dizzy Miss Lizzy, you filled me with lead

That magic bullet of yours has gone to my head

Iím just a patsy like Patsy Cline

Never shot anyone from in front or behind

Got blood in my eye, got blood in my ear

Iím never gonna make it to the New Frontier


Zapruderís film, Iíve seen that before

Seen it thirty-three times, maybe more

Itís vile and deceitful Ė itís cruel and itís mean

Ugliest thing that you ever have seen

They killed him once, and they killed him twice

Killed him like a human sacrifice

The day that they killed him, someone said to me, ďSon,

The age of the anti-Christ has just only begun.Ē

Air Force One coming in through the gate

Johnson sworn in at two thirty-eight

Let me know when you decide to throw in the towel

It is what it is and itís murder most foul



Whatís New Pussycat Ė whaíd I say

I said the soul of a nation been torn away

And itís beginning to go into a slow decay

And that itís thirty-six hours past Judgment Day

Wolfman Jack, heís speaking in tongues

Heís going on and on at the top of his lungs

Play me a song, Mr. Wolfman Jack

Play it for me in my long Cadillac

Play me that Only The Good Die Young

Take me to the place Tom Dooley was hung

Play St. James Infirmary in the court of King James

If you want to remember, you better write down the names

Play Etta James too, play Iíd Rather Go Blind

Play it for the man with the telepathic mind

Play John Lee Hooker, play Scratch My Back

Play it for that strip club owner named Jack

Guitar Slim Ė Goiní Down Slow

Play it for me and for Marilyn Monroe

Play please, Donít Let Me Be Misunderstood

Play it for the First Lady, she ainít feeling too good

Play Don Henley Ė play Glenn Frey

Take it to the Limit and lettiní it go by

Play it for Carl Wilson, too

Lookiní far, far away down Gower Avenue

Play Tragedy, play Twilight Time

Take Me Back to Tulsa to the scene of the crime

Play another one and Another One Bites the Dust

Play the Old Rugged Cross and in G-d We Trust

Ride the Pink Horse down that Long, Lonesome Road

Stand there and wait for his head to explode

Play Mystery Train for Mr. Mystery

The man who fell down dead like a rootless tree

Play it for the Reverend, play it for the Pastor

Play it for the dog that got no master

Play Oscar Peterson, play Stan Getz

Play Blue Sky, play Dickie Betts

Play Art Pepper, Thelonious Monk

Charlie Parker and all that junk

All that junk and All That Jazz

Play something for The Birdman of Alcatraz

Play Buster Keaton play Harold Lloyd

Play Bugsy Siegel play Pretty Boy Floyd

Play the numbers, play the odds

Play Cry Me A River for the Lord of the Gods

Play number nine, play number six

Play it for Lindsey and Stevie Nicks

Play Nat King Cole, play Nature Boy

Play Down in the Boondocks for Terry Malloy

Play It Happened One Night and One Night of Sin

Thereís twelve million souls that are listening in

Play Merchant of Venice, play merchants of death

Play Stella by Starlight for Lady Macbeth

Donít worry, Mr. President, helpís on the way

Your brothers are cominí, thereíll be hell to pay

Brothers? What brothers? Whatís this about hell?

Tell Ďem weíre waitiní Ė keep coming Ė weíll get them as well

Love Field is where his plane touched down

But it never did get back up off the ground

Was a hard act to follow, second to none

They killed him on the altar of the Rising Sun

Play Misty for me and that Old Devil Moon

Play Anything Goes and Memphis in June

Play Lonely at the Top and Lonely Are the Brave

Play it for Houdini spinning around in his grave

Play Jelly Roll Morton, play Lucille

Play Deep in a Dream and play Driviní Wheel

Play Moonlight Sonata in F sharp

And a Key to the Highway by the king of the harp

Play Marchiní Through Georgia and Dumbartonís Drums

Play Darkness and death will come when it comes

Play Love Me or Leave Me by the great Bud Powell

Play the Blood Stained Banner Ė play Murder Most Foul