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Newsletter no. 9 – Notes

Lars Gustaf Andersson


The year-book of the British Powys Society, The Powys Journal vol. XVI, has now been issued, edited by J. Lawrence Mitchell and Charles Lock. There are several articles on the Powys brothers. On John you can find an essay by Charles Lock, focusing on the homeric novels, i.e. Atlantis (1954) and Homer and the Aether (1959). Richard Maxwell contributes with a text on Porius (1951).


                      The Powys Society Newsletter latest issue is no 59 (November 2006). As usual there are a lot of notes and articles of great interest. Among the most touching items you will find some texts by and about the son of John Cowper Powys, Alfred Littleton.


                      The indefatigable Jacqueline Peltier did this fall publish the twelfth issue of her la lettre powysienne.  In focus this time is the novel Weymouth Sands (1934) – which also is possible to meet through a beautiful imagery at the website of Jacqueline Peltier:

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