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Newsletter no 10

Sven Erik – an inspired character

by Ritva Olofsson. 


When I think about you, Sven Erik, I do remember an article about you in Södermalmstidningen [”The Southend News”] 1994. There they told about a colourful book dealer who looked like ”The Southend Einstein”. But Sven Erik, it was not only that you looked like Einstein, you even had his kind of electricity and power in your spirit. That is testified by Powys in his correspondence with you. Through your translations you have made an introduction of Powys in Sweden, and you have with great generosity shared your experiences of him with the audience, e. g. by showing your unique collection of his works at all Swedish university libraries. Your eagerness to tell about Powys did also result in an exposition of your collection at the Helsinki municipal library in the autumn of 1993. Professor Ingemar Algulin was introductory speaker. Both of you were interviewed in Finland-Swedish radio and did attract attention in the Finland-Swedish papers. I mention this in order to show how your enthusiasm did affect so many people around you. Your multifaceted personality, your sense of humour and your attentiveness created an atmosphere around you. You were a true friend who always believed in me, and encouraged me when I had my doubts. Thanks for getting to know you.




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