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Newsletter no. 11 – Autumn meeting

by Håkan Stockhaus


The members of the Swedish John Cowper Powys Society were invited to meet the writer Gunnar Lundin, Saturday the 30th of August, at the Valand Café at the Surbrunnsgatan/Sveavägen crossing, Stockholm. The subject was Wolf Solent. The novel, written in the beginning of the Thirties, was to be the breakthrough for John Cowper Powys as novelist. The fact that Powys later, in the beginning of the Fifties, was nominated for the Nobel Prize in literature, is no coincidence.

                      Gunnar told that this remarkable novel, translated into Swedish by Sven Erik Täckmark, takes a grip on the reader and forces you to return to the novel, over and over.  The power of it seems to enchant old readers as well as new generations. It is continually reprinted in new editions. Universal and filled with suspense it touches us at an existential level, and its many facettes makes it vital and dynamic. In the end it is a novel of relations where the protagonist is woven into the mythologies that condition the being and the experience of being human.

                      A vivacious debate arose soon after Gunnar's exciting guidance to Powys' Wolf Solent. Is it really possible to end/start in a better way?



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