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Newsletter no. 11 –
Categorical Wisdom, Rather Cosmic

by Lars Gustaf Andersson


In an old issue (no 60/2007) of The Powys Society Newsletter, you can read a notice, quite similar to those categorical listings that are common in the tabloid cultural journalism of today. It is an excerpt from a small-print, published by book dealer G. F. Sims in 1981, based upon an old guest book of his. John Cowper Powys is among the contributors. On 7th May 1958 he describes what he likes, as well as what he dislikes: He likes ”cold milk drunk fresh” and ”looking at the outside of my favourite books from where I lie on my couch”. He dislikes  ”visiting other people and ”people talking about their ’roots’”: ”But what I dread most of all for myself or for anyone else is Insomnia and I don’t like Pouring Rain or Heavy Snow or The Game of Cricket or Travelling by Bus or Car or Letting someone else post my letters”. And what he loves most of all: ”Seeing the first dandelions”.



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