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Newsletter no. 12 – Ever so well-meaning

by Håkan Stockhaus


Håkan Stockhaus transmits the following impression, dedicated to John Cowper Powys and Sven Erik Täckmark on account of the Swedish translation of The Autobiography:


Ever so well-meaning

In words as wells as in acts

Since they knew

That footsteps through frost and snow

Often lead to green meadows

As well as to fields of solitude

Of purest desert sand

And in between to marshes

Where the footsteps not always are directed forward

An awakened affinity with the heart of the landscapes

Rests with You

Thus, for us the nature does embrace the words:

Hark and hear

Further on, go ahead

Find yourself

Be aware of

The transformation of the Nature

And thus your mind shall follow Further on, go ahead

It is still yourself

You are looking at

Don’t loose yourself

In your self image!

Ever so well-meaning

Since the fellowship, the good-humouredness

And the contentedness

Emanates from that mind

That does not separate

The inner and the outer nature


For to quote Sven Erik about

The Autobiography:


Everything is here

Carefully collected

And transmitted…


Enjoy and Endure!




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