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Newsletter no. 12 – Powys in Swedish


The only Swedish Powys volume which is available for the moment is the translation of The Autobiography; all the others are out of print. But through the circulation of used books – and not at least the Internet portals and – it is possible to find most of the older Swedish editions, often not too expensive:


Lyckans väsen/The Art of Happiness (Natur & Kultur 1937)

Wolf Solent (Coeckelberghs 1975 & 1988)

Dårarnas dans/Ducdame (Coeckelberghs 1977)

Kulturens mening/The Meaning of Culture (Studiekamraten 1994; also published as Modern själskultur, Natur och kultur 1935)

Ensamhetens filosofi /A Philosophy of Solitude (Ariel Skrifter 2003)




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