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Newsletter no. 9 – Editorial

Olof Björner



Here is, at last, the ninth issue of the Swedish John Cowper Society newsletter. A number of  unfortunate circumstances has not only caused this delay but has also led to that this year’s lecture, scheduled first to November then to February, eventually had to be cancelled. We plan to organize a lecture around the publication of the Swedish translation of Autobiography by Sven Erik Täckmark sometime this autumn.


This newsletter contains information about the society’s official homepage on internet, notes from the Powys world by Lars Gustaf Andersson. He also discusses the “Unity of Opposites” in male and female characteristics in Powys.  The interview with Sven Erik Täckmark of course deals with the fact that his translation of Autobiography will at last be published later this year. The issue is rounded up with a poem by Gunnar Lundin and a sample from the Swedish translation of Autobiography.


I’d like to take this opportunity and ask all members for contributions to this newsletter. We need articles, large and small, containing viewpoints on Powys’s philosophy or his fictional characters, his relevance in this age of environmental consciousness, reading experiences …


Hoping you all will have an exciting Powys year!




This page updated 4 April 2012.