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Newsletter no. 8 – Editorial

Olof Björner


This is my first issue of the newsletter as president of the Swedish John Cowper Powys Society. First I must thank Lars Gustaf Andersson for his inspiring work as president during the first years of the society. It will not be easy to succeed him, but I’ll try to do my best to continue his work and to keep the Swedish society a vigorous meeting place for all lovers of John Cowper Powys.

Writing this editorial and looking out through my window in this incredibly warm November and seeing the mist rising like steam from the earth, it occurs to me that it is “Powys weather” and I think of the first chapter of Ducdame when Rook Ashover looks out through his bedroom window and his soul wanders out over moonlight meadows. Even in this dark and barren month Nature becomes alluring.

Much has been written about John Cowper Powys and his descriptions of nature and nature’s impact on man and in this issue you will find an essay on John Cowper Powys as “A Master of Nuances and Variations” by Eivor Lindstedt who took her doctor’s degree in Lund in 2004 with the dissertation John Cowper Powys: Displacements of Voice and Genre.

The newsletter is concluded with a lengthy interview with Sven Erik Täckmark by Gunnar Lundin. Sven Erik Täckmark met John Cowper Powys in 1938 and has been responsible for the introduction of John Cowper Powys in Sweden. It is therefore my great pleasure to announce the publication of his Swedish translation of Autobiography later in 2006.



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